Not Crazy

I do not like the word “normal” but I needed to use it. Because, I am normal for the society. I am what is the most “normal” and “common”, a young heterosexual white man. My life is “normal”, nothing extraordinary happen, ever. I am just eighteen and I already feel like I have failed my life, that it is too late to do something. I know I won’t be a Martin Luther King, a William Shakespeare or even a Steve Jobs, but I want to do something. I do not believe we’re God’s creatures. I’m here because my parents decided it. It was their choice. When I hear religious people say that we won’t do anything about our lives, that we just have to wait until our death for the last judgment, I just want to punch their faces. We’re not here waiting for Jesus’ return. He won’t come back, as us. We are here to do something, make this world better. I want to leave a mark, my mark. I want some recognition. I can hear some of your voices that I’m just like Hannah from Girls, or for the ones who do not know this incredible tv show, a selfish irresponsible man who doesn’t know how to spend his time. But no and if you think that, you did not understand Hannah – and probably the Lost series finale (nobody does).

This post was just to introduce myself, say “Hi”. So, hi!